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Kalpana Kumar Sharma

Early Childhood Educator | Health Ambassador | TLI Early Childhood Coach | Leading Educator

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  1. Seonghi Kang

    I have changed my drinking habits after I got a session with Ms. Sharma. I also started to take care my health and my own happiness as a priority. However, it’s still difficult to hold a remote control with me. It will take a time but at least I’m aware of it all the times. I’m so glad that Ms. Sharma launched this site so that I can come back again and again to remind me what I have to do. Thank you Ms. Sharma for your dedicated contribution for our well-being.

    1. Kalpana Sharma

      I am glad to know that you have set health and happiness as a priority and that you are trying to change some habits. Awesome !

  2. Dr Sneha Rathi

    I have changed my drinking habits after I got a session with Ms. Sharma. I got motivated and trying to explain to my patients so that they can also avail the benefit.I am meditating daily according to your way . Thanks a lot for such an inspirational presentation.

  3. Hitesh

    After getting a session from Ms. Sharma around 2 months back, I have changed my eating habits specially drinking water and started caring about physical and mental health. In just span of 2 months I can feel the difference. Thank you for introducing and inducing these habits into us.

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